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The STRATA program offers navigation in a pre-established cartographic corpus.  The navigation interface is represented in the form of "magnifying glasses" allowing the user to isolate a territory (city, agglomeration, district, street) and to consult its evolution through the ages up to development projects in construction course (architecture and development of neighborhoods, transport and urban change, etc.). Texts, graphics and other videos add to the magic of seeing the environment close to the territories “live” and transform under the sole impulse of a finger traversing the timeline.


Strata was born out of a desire to create a fun and collaborative interface to enhance the history and heritage of a city, region or country. This approach, which makes it possible to compare periods and to choose and mix targeted information, opens up a much wider field of possibilities such as the visualization of data and the discovery of historical, cultural and scientific themes.  


With STRATA , we wish to include knowledge of our territories and our common values in a collaborative approach, in a participatory invitation, by offering the general public the possibility of an escapade in time, of a cultural, fun, multiple and interactive.

We offer turnkey Strata devices with touch screens from 42 ”to 84” in table or wall format and custom furniture. We adapt the software to specific needs and provide an editor that allows you to modify and update the content of text and media files on the screen at your fingertips. A complete solution for sale and rental with guarantees and maintenance.

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