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The LopLite is a cabin-sized case projecting a bright high-definition image. Currently equipped with LopArt software, a series of games and interactive applications is under development.

LopArt is an interactive and collective plastic arts software


Armed with lightsabers and a stylus for brushes, the participant moves through space and draws using a large graphic palette (Colors, lines, textures, transparency, animation functions, etc.). The gestures of his body are an integral part of the creative process. The line becomes the reflection of the movement.


Graphic performance tool, street art, video creation, LopLite is also an instrument for graphic and physical learning in the field of artistic creation, education, cultural or corporate events.


Several people can draw together on the same screen. Creation becomes collective, even collaborative.

LopLite  allows, via the Internet, to connect two devices for shared creation. The lines of some are displayed in real time on the screens of others. The act of drawing becomes an act of exchange. It is the graphic chat beyond linguistic and cultural barriers.


Lightweight and easy to set up, the LopLite case can be transported on foot, by bike or scooter. The tool can thus be “mutualized” between various places and needs. The field of applications is very wide: corporate events, festivals and cultural events, school activities and entertainment centers, training and integration, disability, etc.  It is an easy-to-use tool that also allows the creation of finished works to be disseminated in-situ or on social networks.


We propose  the LOpLite case for sale and short or long term rental with various customization services based on the themes or colors of the context. Communities and cultural centers contact us for the long-term rental offer and our targeted training.

A big thank you to our partners Digitalarti, the association DouzeDouze and Alain Bergeron from LopLop , developer of the LOPART software

MAIF Social Club, Paris.

Original creation session by the artist Jaimito and participation of the guests during the launch party of the social and cultural center of the insurance company.

WATTERMANS , Bell Square Festival, London.

For Christmas an outdoor installation on a square in the town of Hounslow, a popular suburb of West London

AMAZON, Seattle, United States

Celebration of the 20th anniversary of the multinational. A large format animation during this event of 20,000 invited employees.  ra







One-week animation at the famous lingerie department on the theme of the beach and swimsuits. Light technical device offering an image suspended in space in normal visiting conditions . In the shoe department, customers create their own design for a sneaker.



Paris. Animation for the partners of the drink brand. Customized environment for the launch party for a new beer.


Paris Animation during the cocktail of a seminar on the theme of technologies. Moment of creative relaxation for bank executives.

THE CITY OF LA NOUE, in Bagnolet

Animation for young people during the annual celebration of the Toffoletti social center. Collective creation of a large fresco of tags and signatures.









Germany. Traveling exhibition on street art. Large format device of 3 thematic LopLites on video loop backgrounds. An original creation by the artists Gilbert Mazout and Myre from the DouzeDouze collective.



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